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Fragrant vegetation, a warm breeze, the chatter of birds and buzzing insects, a distant foghorn, the rising tide lapping at one’s feet. I hope that these sensations find their way into each painting.
The plein air painter wanders, box-easel in hand, searching for a beautiful view and a place to stand, sheltered from the sun, wind, and biting insects. Palette knife painting results in broad, impasto strokes, and precludes carrying solvents and cleaning paintbrushes in the field.
These landscapes were created using an ancient technique that predates oil painting. Layers of melted, pigmented beeswax are applied to a wooden surface and then fused together, resulting in rich colors and sensual textures. 
All of these works were painted from life, using traditional watercolor techniques. I am fortunate to paint with other artists in a male figure drawing group. The professional models hold each pose for only a brief period of time.
*These images contain nudity.
These were painted in oils on canvas, using layer upon layer of translucent color glazes. Professional models held long poses, requiring multiple sessions over a period of several months.
*These images contain nudity.
This figurative work combines beeswax-based encaustic painting techniques with images drawn & painted from professional models.
*These images contain nudity.
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